Outdoor wedding
Brides #2016

Last July, Eryn and Alexis celebrated their wedding, near Paris. 
Trine, our hairstylist and make-up artist took care of Eryn.

The destination

To celebrate our mariage for the second time (the first was a few months earlier in Northern California), we chose to host our closest friends and family members at my husband's grandparent's house. Alexis grew up spending his summers in these gardens, and for the entire family, the property has brought happy memories for the last sixty years. It seemed only natural to share this special place with our guests.


The theme

Both Alexis and myself are quite casual people, and the main goal (other than to have fun and be ourselves) was to highlight the property and its already natural decorations. Most decorations were floral (from Lily Paloma florists) or made by us, our friends, and our families. My best friend did the calligraphy for the welcome and menus; I designed the invitations, made the place/name cards, and decided to sew our own 120 linen napkins (with the help of many other hands), and each guest received a small jar of honey from my husband's family bees.


The dress

I had always envisioned a simple, elegant, and low-back dress, and found it at my first dress appointment at Delphine Manivet. Nothing else came close and we went back two days later with my mom, who came from California especially for the occasion. It was perfect - and made it beautifully through two weddings !




 Every piece of jewelry that I wore for our celebration, is still on me today! I don't wear much jewelry, but each piece has an extremely special meaning to me : earrings from Kathleen Whitaker given to me by Alexis a few years ago, a ring and simple bracelet from two of my best friends (both from Catbird in New York), a second simple bracelet from Alexis's twin sister, and of course, my wedding rings : my first wedding band from Totokaelo (in Seattle), and my second wedding band designed by Alexis and the jewelry artist Noémie Bleuse, from here in Paris. The only thing we added for the fête was a beautiful floral crown from Lily Paloma.


Trine and I met in April for a run-through of make-up and hair, and while we finished the afternoon with a good idea of what would work best, I had three months to think about it (with the first wedding between the two meetings). A few weeks before our July date, I gingerly asked Trine what she might think of doing one long braid instead, seeing that I wanted a completely different look than at the first party. She was totally open to the idea and on the day-of, I trusted her ! It turned out wonderfully and I couldn't have been happier.


Simple and summery, and Trine did just that :)

Other services

I found that planning a wedding in France was more difficult than planning a wedding in California, but little by little, everything came together. Our first vendor choice was for the lovely Katie Mitchell, a dear friend of mine and one of the most talented photographers in Paris. Through Katie, we met Vanessa Toklu (of Vanessa et Caroline Créatrices du Mariage) who was a savior on the wedding day. The florist and caterer came from recommendations from friends, and our three bands came from some very late night internet searches !


Your best memories

Difficile de répondre à cette question ! Je dirais les sourires de nos proches tout du long de cette journée... Our best memories come from time spent with our friends and family, who came to see us from Indonesia, Mali, Spain, the UK, the Middle East, and all over the US. Having friends from every moment of our lives dancing under a tent with us in France was an incredibly special moment, one that we wish we could relive every year.

Crédits photo : Katie Mitchell