Dana : "Le maquillage était parfait, il a tenu toute la nuit jusqu'aux dernières photos" 

Dana s'est mariée dans un petit village en France dans une ambiance franco-americaine. Pour Reporthair, elle nous livre en détails, dans sa langue maternelle, le plus beau jour de sa vie et sa bonne entente avec notre experte Liane.

      Comment il vous a demandé votre main ? / How did he asked you for your hand?

We took a trip for a long-weekend to Puerto Rico, and were staying in a beautiful hotel in a big suite. We had a restaurant reservation at a nice restaurants in San Juan. I had gotten ready for the evening and was sitting in the room waiting for him to finish getting dressed. When he walked out of the closet, he sat down next to me and told me to close my eyes. He asked me if I was ready for forever. I was pretty sure what he meant, but I opened my eyes. He had a beautiful diamond ring in his hand, and asked me to marry him.

Quelques mots pour décrire l’ambiance / le thème de votre mariage ?/ Some words to describe your wedding

It was a fun mix of French and American traditions. The venues and overall structure of the day were very French. We got married in an old church in a small village. It was a catholic mass that lasted over an hour! Then we had the reception at a beautiful château. There was a long cocktail and dinner, in true French style. On the American side, I wanted lots of flowers, so the only decorations we had were flowers in shades of pale pink and white. Then we brought in a live band to play at the party. We kicked off our first dance to a country song.

Some of the fun places where we really mixed traditions was on the alcohol and the cake.  For the alcohol, we had wine and champagne, but also offered bud light and whiskey. For the cake – I really wanted a cake, but my husband really did not. So we compromised, and had a tower of macarons with a small white cake on top.

Comment avez-vous choisi la coiffure et le maquillage ? / How did you choose your hairstyle and the make-up?

I knew I wanted my hair down and my eyes to pop, and that I wanted to look like myself. I searched Pinterest and found some photos of hair and makeup that I thought would look good on me. I picked a few options to discuss with Liane when she came for my trial to get her advice on what would look best on me.

Quelles étaient vos inspirations ? / What were your inspirations ?

I looked at blogs of château weddings for a while, but mostly I thought about weddings I had been to in the past. I thought about what I liked and didn’t like, to determine what I wanted for my own wedding.

Comment s’est passée votre rencontre avec l’expert The Reporthair ? / How was your first meeting with the expert Reporthair ?

It was wonderful. At the trial, Liane listened to my very bad description of the type of hair and make-up I wanted. I showed her pictures and she suggested a few things that she thought would work well.  When she did the trial, I was very picky. She was very flexible and patient with me, making adjustments along the way, to get to the perfect look. Then they day of the wedding, I asked for her more changes. She said, “of course, no problem.”

Qu’est-ce qui vous a plu dans sa prestation ? / What pleased you the most in her service ?

She really knows what she is doing. I never thought I could have the look I wanted for my wedding day because my hair is quite thin, but she knew exactly how to work with my hair to make it look thick and beautiful. The make-up was the right amount, not too much, but lasted all night, even until the last photos at 4am!

Le mot ou le moment qui vous a le plus émue ce jour-là ? / The word or the moment which most moved you this day ?

It was when my dad came to the chateau because I had finished getting ready to wait with me so we could go to the church together.

La plus grande surprise que vous avez eu ? / The biggest surprise that you have had ?

When the party ended at 4am, no one wanted to leave ! Everyone was chanting “one more song!”

Une anecdote rigolote ? / A funny anecdote ?

My twin sister gave a speech full of “that’s what she said” jokes, on purpose!

Si vous ne deviez garder qu’un seul moment, lequel serait-il ? / If you had to keep only a single moment...

I guess the moment when we exchanged rings and actually got married because that was the point of the whole day.

Les prestataires : 

Robe mariée : Mira Zwillinger / Coiffure et maquillage : Reporthair / Photographe : Agence Pearl

Château : Château de Baronville / Traiteur : Gaulupeau / Fleuriste : Hélène Marmatakis